Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quilting at the Cabin

Good afternoon my quilting friends,

As mentioned in several posts ago, we finally got technology at the cabin. I'm sitting at the computer right now with little Zinny at my feet while I "blog" away. I've been working on binding all day and my right arm was telling me ever so gently that it needed a break from hand stitching what seemed like miles and miles of binding.

This quilt has been on the bed in the master bedroom for the last six years and I thought it was time for a change. I made the quilt at a class at In Between Stitches that Pam Kelly taught several years ago. I love the quilt! So much so that I made three of them! It's a great scappy quilt that used up so many of my scraps and fat quarters.

So here's the new quilt that I've working on. It's called Sherman's March and for those of you that live locally, I'm teaching a Sherman's March class at IBS on May 30th. The block looks more complicated that it is......the block is very forgiving.

I hung it out on the railing to give you an idea just how big it is and why my arm is aching!

Last weekend, Athena my future daughter-in-law, saw the quilt on my quilting machine and loved it!! She loved it so much that I've decided to give it to her as a wedding present next month. So, no new quilt for the cabin bed....but I think I'll score a few points with Athena!

As always,



  1. Thank you for commenting Kelly. Yes, Sherman's March is a beautiful quilt.

  2. Hi I live in New Zealand where can I get this pattern or a digital download . Thanks