Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A bear ate my bird feeder

Hello Quilters,

We used to have a cute little bird feeder in the shape of a red barn with a silo on the side. The silo section of the feeder had special seed for the more colorful birds in the area. Well, we apparently have a bear with a very discriminating palette since it decided to chow-down on the silo side.

Unfortunately, the critter cam was aimed at the backyard, not the deck and we didn't catch any video of the marauding bird-seed-bear last night. I'll change the location of the camera tonight and maybe we'll have some creature features to share in the morning.

Ten years ago, we bought this wild azalea plant. It has survived the harshest of winters and rewards us with huge flowers every Spring. It's like being in Hawaii all over again. Wouldn't these flowers look great in an applique design?

Break time over......time to get back to my quilting.

As always,

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