Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Month #7 Miss Poppy

Hello quilting friends and welcome to Miss Poppy, our beautiful little May basket.

For those of you out of state, the poppy is the California state flower....so why did I make mine red instead of orange?? I'm clueless I guess. When I was selecting the fabric for this block, the great red fabric had just arrived at the store and I really wanted to incorporate it into the block...so I did....but I should have used it in a different flower. So for all our you purest out there, please feel free to change it. I may even change mine before I start putting the quilt together. Also, the little flower on the right-hand side should have two leaves instead of flower petals. I'm changing that one for sure.

This weekend at the store, I was absolutely delighted when Patti brought all of her blocks in to show me! Patti is making her quilt larger to fit a king-size bed so she enlarged the blocks by 250%. She's done a fabulous job putting her own "touch" to each block. She puts me to shame because she's also finished her embroidery. I'd better start putting it into high gear as a couple of you have almost caught up to me!

When you lay out all of your completed blocks to admire, you will notice that Miss Poppy has the largest flowers and least number of pieces in the whole quilt. I may add a hummingbird or a butterfly....we'll see. That's the beauty of quilting. Make the quilt your own by making changes and additions. Add in some of your favorite fabrics or toss in a few circles for added interest.

I selected the vine fabric for the border this week and Melissa ordered three bolts for us. Our Blossom of Friendship heirloom quilt is really starting to come to life and I'm loving mine!

Everyone take care and enjoy each day.

As always,


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