Thursday, June 11, 2009

Creature Features

Dear Blossom of Friendship Followers,

It was a brisk 48 degrees this morning at 6am when Zinny and I walked out back to get the videos from last evening. What a surprise when I was reviewing the videos, to see not one but two bears feasting on the bird feeder. The time stamp on the video was 11:22pm.
Last year we had two cubs frolicking up on the patio furniture on the deck. So now we are wondering if the babies could have grown this much in a year.

To my untrained eye, the bear on the right is considerably larger and is a male. (I have more images to prove this, but this is a PG rated blog.) The bear on the left is approximately 50" tall when standing.

This evening, I'm not going to forget and leave the bird feeder out. See why I don't go out after dark!

As always,

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