Thursday, June 4, 2009

Month #8 Miss Belle

Good Afternoon Blossom of Friendship Followers,

I was looking back at my BOM notes and was surprised to see that I started this quilt on July 28, 2008. It seems hard to believe that was almost one year ago and I'm still working on it. But in my defense, I also have to mention that I've made five other quilts while working on this one. I get a little carried away and it seems that I'm always working on a couple of pieced projects at the same time.

Here we are already on month #8 for most of you. Some started the program two months ago and some of you are almost finished. In fact, I'm afraid some of you may finish before I complete my whole quilt! I can't get the blocks to you fast enough. If anyone is interested and wants their blocks sooner, they are all bundled and ready to go through block #12. I'll be cutting the fabric for the finishing kits in the next couple of weeks.

Miss Belle is a cute little block. She's cheerful and extremely dainty. The double handle on the basket is an interesting touch. I love the way the blue flowers turned out. I've made some blue flowers just like that for the border too.

As I was working on this month's mailing, I was thinking quite a bit about all of you as I addressed each and every envelope. Thirty of you live in California, two in Illinois, two in Texas and one in Pennsylvania. Those of you in California are spread all throughout the state. Only a couple of you live right in Livermore.

So now I'm going to ask all of you to do me a favor. Please send me digital images of your Blossom of Friendship blocks. I don't care if you send me one or ten pictures. I would love to see them and I'll make a Smilebox presentation of YOUR blocks. I've only had one person bring their blocks into the store (thank you Patty) and I want to see more, more, more. I want to see what changes you've made and how you put your own "style" into your blocks. So email your pictures to by the 18th of June. I can't wait to see what you've done! I know I'm going to be impressed.

As always,

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