Thursday, July 2, 2009

Month #9 - Miss Zinnia

Dear Quilters,

Welcome to July and month #9 in the Blossom of Friendship block of the month. Miss Zinnia is so cheerful with her big pink flower. You each received a fat quarter to cut out her basket which will give you plenty of material.

I'm still working on border flowers in between getting ready for company for the 4th of July holiday. I'm just about ready to pack all the quilting supplies away, as my 22-month-old grandson Jess, may decide to run off with (heaven forbid) my rotary cutter!

This is a little quilt from Little Quilts that I made and hand-quilted years ago. I put it out on the front porch to welcome our oldest son and his family for the weekend. If you can zoom in, you can see the crocheted lace my grandmother made. I cut up small sections to make curtains in some of the windows. I found a wicker sewing basket that had been packed away for years and it was packed with treasures of tatting, lace and old hankies.

I put the bunting out (where did that word come from?) I actually use the triangle to call all the little kids in for works! Of course all the little ones gather around and need to be picked up so they can hit the triangle just as hard as they can signaling every creature within a mile that supper is on the picnic table. Those are memories they will carry with them for a lifetime. Of course they will probably all have bad hearing from the loud clanging they made in their youth at Grammy and Poppy's house.

Now what to do with these luscious berries?

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

As always,


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