Thursday, July 23, 2009

Re-writing my autobiography

Dear Blossom Followers,

Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned we are writing our autobiography by the way we decorate our homes. My autobiography in the city house needs to be re-written.....FAST. My daughter's wedding shower is in a little over a week and I'm not ready yet. It is time to do some serious tidying up. So, I began in the sewing room of course.

I bought this cute pie safe a few years ago in San Andreas, CA at The Barn. I had it so stuffed with fabric that I didn't take a picture to show you because I was too embarrassed. (Did the doors "bow" from the weight of the fabric?) I couldn't close the doors before, and now I don't want to close them.

All Fig Tree fabric is on the top shelf along with Beach House and At Water's Edge...all from my favorite designers.

The second shelf has some left-over Stone Cottage and a basket full of goodies for a new project.

The luscious brown, orange, green, purples and plaids are for a new Autumn project. Did you know that plaid is my favorite color? The pinks and greens are for another design that I've had in my mind for over a year now. (Stayed tuned, they could be the next block of the month from me!)

All of the fabric that I removed from the pie safe is now "safely" stored on shelves in the closet.

Here's tomorrow's project. This cabinet was a great "find" from an old Post Office. It is great for storing fat quarters. You can see in an instant what colors you have. Now I just need to re-fold and re-sort the FQ's in all of the little mail slots. I'll post a picture of this when I'm finished.

This reorganization feels "good." Maybe no one from the bridal shower will go upstairs....but I won't cringe if they do.

More to come as I work my way through the house.
I'm working on my borders for Blossom of Friendship in the evening....but it's been hard to stay awake.

As always,


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