Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Home Stretch

Dear Blossom of Friendship Followers,

Well, the cocktail bridal shower for my daughter is tomorrow, Sunday at 1pm. The maid of honor and bridesmaids have assured me that all I have to do is supply the home for the shower.....they will do all the cooking, decorating, and clean-up. I know all of the girls and I know just how organized they are. They have bridal shower planning down to a "T".

So, I'm trusting that the tables and umbrellas will show up on time. The tablecloths, decorations, party favors, gifts for the games will suddenly appear. My role as mother of the bride is to sit back and relax....right? After the last few weeks of preparing the house for this, forget relaxed, I'll be passed out on the lawn chair with my cocktail in hand!

Here's a few snapshots of what my honey of a husband and I have been up to this week. Remember I started with the sewing room and had to organize my "mail box" of fabric.

While I was cleaning, I found this Happy Home needle book. (Note to self: Wear hat the next time I get together with my friends to quilt.)

Time to digress for a bit. My husband and I struck a deal about six years ago when he bought his first car (1956 Ford) that he planned on restoring. For every dollar he spent on the car, I could spend the same on my quilting hobby. He finished his first car and I have more fabric, gadgets, and quilting machines than one person could ever use in a lifetime. He's added to his car collection by three more cars and they've been "collecting" in our side yard. He has his treasures covered with lovely blue tarps. So my point is, this shower is going to be in the backyard and I wanted to fence off his collection so we didn't have to look at his pile of ....treasures. So the fence was finished on Monday.

We've had this old window hiding out in the garage and picket fence shutters . So we added a flower box and this is what you see now when looking out the family room window. I hadn't been able to open the drapes for years.....and years. Now I never close the drapes.

Years ago, my Mom went "back East" as she always said, and bought me an ox yoke. It cost her more to ship it than what she paid for it. I brought out my Summer Wind quilt, a Miss Rosie pattern. I made this using Allspice Tapestry fabric by Fig Trees.

I know it isn't Easter, but I had to put out my Rabbits Prefer Chocolate quilt by Bunny Hill. I'm displaying this on a fabric roller that we bought in North Carolina a few years ago.

It used to be in an old Mercantile store and would measure out fabric by the yard. Can you imagine having only one fabric choice?

Last, but not least, a bottle of "I Do" room and linen spray for the freshly painted powder room with the new floor.
On that note......
As always,

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