Monday, October 12, 2009

Quilting at the Cabin

Good Morning Friends,

Joe and I had the pleasure of Kathy and Barbara over the weekend. We'd been planning our quilting retreat for the last two months and then we ended up not doing too much quilting. We did a lot of eating, walking, chatting, and played games every evening.

This is Kathy, Barbara, (Barbara's quilt) and me in the back yard. Barbara took the Stone Cottage class that I taught at In Between Stitches this summer and she finished her quilt in record time!

This is a picture of Kathy's quilt made out of batiks. The beautiful colors of the quilt looked so good against the maple tree in the background.

Here we are with Zinny.....our sweet canine companion. She enjoyed the guests just as much as we did. (We think we've found some new doggy sitters!)

Most people, myself included, post beautiful pictures of food they've prepared. Well, here is my absolute failure at cookie making. I was trying to do too many things at once and doubled everything in the recipe except for the flour! I did Paula Dean proud with the amount of butter in these pound cake cookies. The cookies spread out about the size of Frisbees on the cookie sheet then rolled right over the side. I learned how to turn off the smoke alarm this weekend!

Surprisingly, they tasted good and Joe loved them! My husband is very easy to please.

This is how they should look with the proper amount of flour. They tasted good too! But the smoke alarm went off again because I forgot to clean out the burned cookies on the bottom of the stove.

Oh well, so much for having the cabin smell like heaven when the guests arrive.

The coyotes sang to us one evening. When you hear their haunting voices, you realize you are in the mountains. Much to Kathy's disappointment, we didn't see any bears this weekend. Only one deer on our walk and lots of raccoons in the evening.

I'll be at the shop today making up kits for The House on Edgewood Lane quilt for PIQF. I finally finished getting the pattern instructions together. I could have made this quilt five times in the amount of time it took me to get the pattern together. This is the Christmas edition of the pattern.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. The weatherman in predicting a "gully-washer" for us over the next couple of days. It sounds like it is going to be good quilting weather to me.

As always,


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  1. I love your House on Edgewood Lane quilt! I've seen your other one made with Stone Cottage (?) at the shop. This Christmas one is lovely too.