Thursday, November 10, 2011

Missing in Action

Hello Everyone,

I'm here....really I am. Busy week with working at the shop on Monday, and teaching on Tuesday.  I spent my day with 11 very talented, funny and creative quilters Tuesday.  I felt like I was herding cats, trying to keep up with the questions, and oohhing and aahhhing over their beautiful creations.  The primary focus of my drop-in class, is being the head cheerleader and quilting coach to help the girls finish quilts from any of my patterns or from any class that I've taught over the past three years.  From Paula's Party in the Garden Glenda's hundreds of paper pieces for Blossom of Friendship.  This got us going on the paper dolls we played with in our childhood.  We all had lots of practice cutting out small paper pieces from our Lennon Sisters to Debbie Reynolds paper doll collections.

Barbara finished quite a few blocks for Midnight Star quilt by Mary Hickey.

Kathy was working on her Party in the Garden.

Chris finished a couple of gorgeous blocks for her Scrappy Leaves quilt.

Carol made several "hexies" for Summer's Blush.....

....while Janice made a handle for her first basket for Party in the Garden using the basket tutorial.

Kaye was cutting out her pieces and putting them on her block layout sheet for Country Charmer.  The layout sheet has been a big hit to help corral the 53 pieces of fabric.

Then the real challenge began for Mr. Joe and me on about herding cats! We started babysitting our 4-year-old grandson and our 14-year-old step-grandson for five days while Mommy and Daddy are celebrating their anniversary in Las Vegas!!! You know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  

Carpooling, football games, pre-school, high school, storytime and Sponge Bob Square Pants just to name a few of the activities since yesterday.   How did we ever raise our own three children and keep some level of sanity?  Last night I was a bit dingy and put the 4-year-olds hair gel on his toothbrush!  Now it looked like toothpaste to me, it was blue just like Aqua Fresh and was in a tube.  Whoever heard of a little kid needing gel anyway?  Let me tell you his teeth are not going to bend in the wind.  God give me strength to make it until Sunday!

Don't plan on any quilting pictures for a few days.  I'm going to be in recovery mode.

As always,



  1. Oh boy, that poor kid. He'll be reminding you which one is the toothpaste now. All of the pictures of blocks show such pretty and interesting work.

  2. After all that, I'm surprised you even had time/energy to write a post at all.

    The work of the girls in your class all looks great, there's going to be some lovely quilts come from all this.

  3. Those grands will definitely wear you out! It's difficult to know what's up or down. LOL

    Love all the beautiful projects from the ladies in your class. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a week, Lynn! Happy recovery time! The gals in your class are all amazing! How wonderful to be in the company of so many creative quilters!

  5. Hey......I hear you....we had 3 boys for a week....

    The ladies work in your drop in class is looking good. You'll have to take pictures when their done.

  6. I'm pooped just hearing about it. What a great week; and what a blessing you are to your kids and your grands for doing that!!

  7. Love the gel story!! My daughter Molly and I laughed so hard at the picture in our minds!!

    It was a great drop-in day on Tuesday...I'm glad that you liked my mailbox bird but I can't steal credit for Isabelle's beautiful hexie flowers!!!