Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Night Job

Hello Everyone,

By day I work at the sewing machine, by night I sit down and bond with all of my yo-yo's and the television.  Zinnie is at my feet and Mr. Joe is in his recliner by my side while we listen to the wind howl outside and hear various sizes of branches land on the roof.  There was so much wind, the cabin looks like it has a thatched roof.  Time for the gutters to be cleaned out.....again.

It doesn't take long to make 10 or 20 yo-yo's.  But it takes me one full episode of Person of Interest or Survivor to applique around the yo-yo's to finish one block.

Just twelve more blocks to go and the borders and hour-glass units will be sewn on.  Looking at the picture shows me details I hadn't noticed before.  One of the blue centers just jumps right out.  I'll start sewing these together into groups of four, and then start putting the blocks into a pleasing arrangement.  This pattern is from Kim Diehl's newest book called Simple Graces.  The name of the quilt is called Welcome Wagon Yo-Yo. I have to get this one finished so I can put it on the teaching schedule at the shop.

Today will be a combination of raking and working on my baskets for Buttonwood.  I'll post progress on that quilt tomorrow.....if I don't rake too much today!

As always,



  1. Lynn,
    Simply beautiful....... and I don't even like yo-yo's. I do use them for accents and they are so cute. Boy it is such a surprise when you get squares together and how some colors pop.

    Those are two of the shows we watch....and I get a lot of hand work done also. Plus hand stitching keeps me awake.....LOL

  2. WOW! Just look at all of those Yo - Yo's !

    Looking forward to watching your progress.

  3. Sounds just like our house last night, Lynn! In fact, we need to pick up a second blower today just to make a dent in cleaning up the mess from the wind! Sounds like we were watching the same things - only I was making hexi's and Mr. Squash was snoring - lol! I love how your yo-yo's are coming - and that one with the bright blue center can be your crowning jewel (wink)!

  4. That is just absolutely beautiful. It sounds like we live in similar houses. I sew and quilt all day and then in the evening I knit, sew my hexies, or sew binding. We have a dual reclining sofa so we are both kicked back with dogs lying between us or on us.

  5. Yep, I have two jobs too. Machine by day and handwork at night. People ask me how I get so much done but I hate being idle. Being on the computer is my sewing break. :)

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  7. Hello Lynn,

    I love your yo-yo's, they can be very addictive. Interesting to see how the colours do pop out at you.
    Have to say love that you are using those buttons in a previous post. A jar full of history indeed.
    Have a wonderful day.