Sunday, February 3, 2013

The House on Edgewood Lane Class Is In Session

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I was down in San Jose, CA at Prairie Queens quilt shop teaching The House on Edgewood Lane. This was my first time teaching at this shop, and I was very warmly received by everyone there.

Let me start by showing you what Ida created. This is Ida's first organized quilting class, but she has been quilting and sewing for quite some time. Ida's palette is full of rich reds and greens.

Her fabrics are close to my original version.

Ida is brand new to applique and she jumped right in and created her first beautiful flower.  I know it isn't easy working with tiny pieces, and she wasn't intimidated by the stiletto or hot iron and turned her fabric into beautiful petals.  You go girl!

This is Helen's wonderful collection of fabrics and she soon turned them into......

....these beautiful blocks.  She's going to make 14 pink and 14 blue blocks for her quilt.

We sat down together and she learned how to make little 1/2" hexies in no time at all.  We will be seeing these little flowers around Helen's house.  So cute!

Then there's Ardeen and Mary, the Tag-Team quilters.  In all my years of teaching, I've never seen anything like this dynamic duo.  They whipped out their Thangles papers and started in on the half-square-triangles.  They have a pile of them ready to be sewn.  Mary's sewing machine is set to the speed of light and off she goes!

They were cutting fabric, sharing fabric, sewing fabric, arranging and re-arranging, then previewing their creations.

The design wall is so good to preview blocks.  Now which way should they put the pink and white bars?

Collectively they made a pile of bars for their blocks.

They each have another whole bag of fabric to make more House on Edgewood Lanes.  They are going to have their own subdivision by the time they are finished!

The girls have their homework assignments for the next few weeks.  By the time we meet at the end of the month, I know we'll be seeing some real beauties coming out of this class......quilts and the girls! 




  1. Looks like a fun day with some great quilty eye candy!!

  2. The class looks like a fun and productive bunch. Enjoy the next one.

  3. That must have been so much fun, Lynn! I'm with you - rooting for SF while hubby is with B'more!

  4. What a great class that must have been. I see some great fabrics here and some great blocks. Thanks for a great picture show!

  5. Sounds like you had some fun.....ugh?... the 49ers lost.....bummer