Monday, February 25, 2013

The Teddy Bears' Picnic

Hello Everyone,
The Teddy Bears from Toyland Tree were running around the classroom at In Between Stitches on Sunday.  They came into the classroom in all stages of completion and they were just as cute as they could be. They were dressed up in their little plaid vests and scarves, ready for a Teddy Bears' Picnic. They were a feast for the eyes!
The Teddies posed for a family picture first, then they had individual pictures for the Toyland Tree album.

The girls did a fantastic job with their little bears.  They made them their own by adding cute little buttons and holly sprigs. More bears will be born by the fourth Sunday of next month, the next time the Toyland Tree class gets together.  This was just way too much fun to see all of the little guys!  I LOVED the bears. Now I can't wait to see the rocking horses!

This is what the girls are working toward.....a finished Toyland Tree by December. I know they are going to stick with it and make a block every month if not more.  You can always return to Toyland!



  1. I love them all - especially the little "rogue" bear whose scarves are blowing the opposite way in the wind! But wait - the polka dot bear - OK, I'm going back to loving them all! Looks like a Teddy Bear Picnic, Lynn!

  2. Oh how adorable those little bears are. I love bears and have to many of them that I've collected over the years, perhaps I need to think about making a little bear quilt. Hugs!!

  3. These bears are the best! Love how they each become so unique and special!