Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Twist

Hello Everyone,
Here is a new twist for The House on Edgewood Lane....the center made into a beautiful Celtic Knot instead of a house.  It is gorgeous!

Mary is going to incorporate more maroon and dark greens into her blocks to really showcase the center section.  I can invision quilted baskets in the setting squares stitched in a darker thread.

Ida has quite a few of her blocks completed.

Her center section and applique flowers are coming together nicely.

You would never know Ida is new to applique.  She tackles the tiniest pieces with ease.

The "Tag Team" quilters, Mary and Ardeen had two tables filled with block section just waiting to be sewn together.  They've created enough components to make 56 blocks so they can each have a set for their quilts.

Ardeen's house construction is coming right along.  It will soon be 'move-in' ready.

As always, I love to see variations, new techniques and different interpretations of my patterns. There was a lot of creativity in the classroom at Prairie Queens!

I hope you get well soon Helen, we missed you yesterday.  Today I'll be at In Between Stitches for the Toyland Tree class.  I'll be showing a parade of Teddy Bears tomorrow if the girls did their homework!



  1. The new twist on the center block is really gorgeous, but I also really like the house. Thanks for sharing, so many talented people and ideas out there!!

  2. Oh my...the ideas are bursting forth! My engaged daughter is a St Pattys Day baby who loves all things Irish...& guess where the honeymoon destination is?!?! I have to agree that I miss the house though...I'm thinking transform it into an Irish Cottage ala "The Quiet Man" & use Celtic Knots in other areas with Trinity Knots in the triangles around the outside??? I've been looking for a really good book of Celtic Knots for quilting...anyone have a suggestion? Oh gosh! There's another quilt for my bucket list!

  3. What a great group of quilters, Lynn! So many wonderful ideas - who would have thought to use a Celtic knot - fantastic! Can't wait to see all those Teddy Bears!

  4. Thanks so much for a wonderful show and tell! It is always inspiring to see what these creative ladies are up to!

  5. That Celtic Knot block is amazing.