Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Growth of a Medallion Quilt

Hello Everyone,

Emilie Elizabeth is growing on my design wall. It all started with the center last week.

For days I auditioned a red border and changed it to blue yesterday.

I added 20, double flying geese.

Then another blue border.

Today I'll finish up my 52 sets of parallel geese. Now I'm adding the red to the mix.

Ironing was key to getting the seams to line up correctly.

They will make another border that looks something like this.

Then I will be adding 20 basket blocks.  This is what I will be working on today......and tomorrow.....and the next get the idea.  There are several more rows after the baskets.  If I keep it to the original design, the quilt will measure 80" x 80". 

All of the parts and pieces are components from my Patchwork Math book.  I'm becoming a master of the quilting components!  I can whip these little guys up in two shakes of a lamb's tail.  Well, a bit longer than that, but I'm getting pretty fast!

California is receiving some much needed rain.  It is so cozy sewing upstairs in my sewing room and listening to the rain, wind, and thunder.  Another storm is arriving tomorrow.  I can't wait to listen to it and watch our yard get the soaking it needs.  I shudder every time I hear the water rationing words. We've been through this before in the 1970's, and it's not pleasant.  So, I will continue to do my rain dance and quilt up a storm!



  1. This is really sweet and learning 'quilt math' should really be something all quilters should take on. I was horrible at school math, but I know my quilt math.

  2. Amazing! I love to see how your process works.

  3. Just GORGEOUS! I am in love with the center block ! You are making great progress :-D Looking forward to seeing what else you have planned for this lovely quilt.

    We had thunder and lightning last night and lots of needed rain too. Happy Dance ! Perfect weather to catch up on my sewing !

  4. Oh I love it , just gorgeous in every way !

  5. Ohhhh's and ahhhh's, Lynn! I am loving your colorways for this quilt! Nothing better than sewing on a rainy day!

  6. I like the ribbon part of the design. Creative.

  7. Just beautiful Lynn. The colours are gorgeous and it is conjuring up thoughts being cosy in a cabin on chilly, dark nights.

  8. Love your medallion quilt! The borders are complimenting the center perfectly and those baskets are droolworthy.:)