Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Patchwork Math Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
Another busy week here under the oaks (pines) at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  Thelma and Louise, (Gail and Lynn) hit the road again, and traveled to the Sierra Quilt Guild of Tuolumne County in Sonora yesterday for another Patchwork Math class.  I taught this class to the guild last Spring, so this was Patchwork Math Part Two.
First we had a bit of a refresher course before I introduced some new components.  The girls produced some great looking blocks!

This is always the fun part.  Once a few components are made, it is time to play with arranging and rearranging the components.

They were all excellent students!

Here is a variation on the parallel geese.  This arrangement would make a fantastic border.


It always amazes me when I see what the students produce.  They make the same components, but the difference in fabric choice and component arrangement, make the blocks look so different.

It was our pleasure to be in Sonora again with all of you.  We enjoyed seeing some familiar faces along with being able to meet some new quilters.  Always a treat for us.

Home sweet home is calling out my name.  I've been on the road so much over the last five weeks, that my home, husband and dog have been terribly neglected.  I'm sure I can write my name across every undusted surface of the house.  My sewing room is the worst! 

Little League is winding down.....insert sad face here. I managed to be home to cheer for most of the games during the season. We'll watch the last two games of the season this week.  The two little boys were so much fun to watch, along with seeing both of our sons coaching their respective teams.  Insert proud Mom face here!


P.S. Please check out the Marcus Fabrics blog today HERE.  Lisa posted a nice post about my use of their Past Endearments fabric.  Thank you!


  1. Welcome home! Very nice & well deserved post on the Marcus Fabrics blog. They pay as much attention to the details as you do and have taught us!!

  2. If some of those blocks turn into quilts, there will be some superb quilts around Sonora.

  3. They created some great blocks! And I love what they showed on the Marcus Brothers blog. You quilt looks beautiful!! Hugs, H PS, glad you're home!! :-)

  4. Yes, we enjoyed our return trip to Sonora. It was great to see our friends from last year and to meet some new ones! You are a talented group and picked up the concepts quickly! Loved your fabric color choices!

  5. I love the layouts of some of these blocks. Wonderful work.

  6. Hey Sonorans...GREAT blocks! I am amazed at how just a few components can turn into such interesting and pretty blocks! Now about your dusting, Lynn....hasn't Mazey learned what to do with that glorious tail yet?