Thursday, December 3, 2015

Checkerberry is Quilted

 Hello Everyone,

Little Checkerberry finally has eyes and can see his new world......and he is quilted.  He just needs to be turned into a pillow.

His little tummy began as a 5" square.  Can you see what quilting components are in his tummy?  Look for 4 double flying geese, 4 regular flying geese, and 4 half-square triangles.  The flying geese and double flying geese measure 3/4" x 1-1/2".  Pretty tiny, but I make them 4 at a time and use a Bloc-Loc ruler for trimming.

Once I get the backing sewn on, Checkerberry will be part of my Christmas decorations for a few days before he goes to live at the shop.

Yesterday, I got all of my chores finished and called it a day around 3pm.  It was time to take Mazey to the dog park for her daily run and our daily walk.  We have a huge dog park here in town which is very popular.  If we walk around the inside of the park twice, we can log 1-1/2 miles.  Mazey loves it and we enjoy getting out in the fresh air as a family.
We arrived home about 4pm.  Dinner was in the oven and I decided to put my feet up, enjoy the Christmas tree, and read until the oven timer went off.  I turned the Christmas lights, on and only half of the tree was lit!  I traced all of the wires on the pre-lit tree, I jiggled, (the wires not me....wink), and still no luck.  I just now went downstairs to take a picture of the tree that wouldn't light......and it did!
So the moral of the story......when in doubt.....jiggle!  That reminds me of a blog I read a few years ago written by an older lady.  When her daughter-in-law asked what to bring for Christmas dinner, she said not to bring anything that jiggled more than she did.  If I said that to my DIL's or daughter, I'm afraid I'd be wearing whatever they brought.  Today I will choose my words wisely.


  1. Jiggle bells! Jiggle bells!!
    What a beautiful tree....and I feel like I need to wave back at Checkerberry - He's definitely a "10"!!

  2. Love Checkerberry, he looks so friendly.

  3. Hee - you and Paula are too funny! Mr. Checkerberry is adorable and I just want to hug him! I want to hug your tree, too, but if I did, I'm afraid you'd have to jiggle again ;>)

  4. Well now, isn't he a cutie. And just in time for the holidays.

  5. Checkerberry could be the star of a new childrens book for Christmas. He is sooooo sweet. Jiggle Jiggle, Giggle Giggle! I bet you can figure out what memory is Jiggling through my overly tired brain right now!

  6. I love little Mr. Checkerberry: he's so cute!! And your tree is gorgeous!! And of course it worked after you were going to document that it didn't: things always go that way! :-)

  7. Checkerberry is just gorgeous. As for the tree, weell that's just typical isn't it?

  8. Checkerberry is adorable, and so is your tree! So pretty and festive!