Monday, December 21, 2015

Santa's Annual Visit

Hello Everyone,
Santa made his annual trip from the North Pole to our house Saturday night.  (Note to self, remember to remove apron before having picture taken with Santa.  Those horizontal stripes make me look bigger than a house!)

Everyone gathered around for the reading of The Polar Express.  Even the littlest of the little kids took turns reading the story this year. I probably love the story just as much as the little ones.  Every time I watch the movie, I always cry in the same parts.  After the kids finished reading, Santa suddenly appears and the little boys settle down and become little angels on their best behavior.  All the grandkids get a present, have family pictures taken with Santa, then it's time to eat.

The day before, Kinsey and Emily came over and made Manicotti for our big dinner.  They sliced, diced, and stuffed for hours.

Teamwork is always the best kind of work!

Luckily I remembered to take off my apron for my picture with Mr. Joe.

I'm off to work at the shop this morning, class tomorrow......then I get to stay home and finish all the preparations for Christmas.  I will have a two day marathon of baking and cooking before everyone arrives for Christmas dinner.
Saturday night I stopped for a bit and just looked at the 18 smiling faces of friends and family gathered around the table. The best gifts are the ones you already have.


  1. Blessings to you and your family Lynn!
    Merry Christmas and "See you next year!"

  2. Mr. Squash and I are sitting here in delight reading your post, Lynn! What a wonderful time! Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Joe and your wonderful family!

  3. I like the picture of you in your pom-pom trimmed apron, so quit your fussin' about the horizontal stripes! You look just like Mrs. Claus...hopefully Joe is okay with you playing the role alongside Santa! Loved all the pictures that you and the kids posted, it was like a big warm wonderful family reunion!

  4. Wonderful to share in the celebrations with you! Great pictures, even with the apron...very festive! Merry Christmas!

  5. Thanks for sharing your holiday celebration, have a happy holiday!