Friday, December 11, 2015

A Photo Shoot in the Snow

Hello Everyone,
Let me tell you about my day so far and my Checkerberry photo shoot in the snow.

I'm working on the directions for Checkerberry and needed a photo for the pattern cover.  I knew snow was predicted, so what a great time to head to the cabin and get a picture in the snow.

Now I need to backtrack a few hours.  Our Golden Retriever Mazey woke me up at 5am the snow of course.  She has never seen so much snow in her short life.  (No, she did not swallow a candle in this picture!)  She looks evil, but she wouldn't hurt a fly.  I got up, got dressed and took her out for a walk around 5:30am.  The silence of the snow was very spiritual.  I'm actually glad she made me drag my weary body out of bed to experience the solitude.  I figured we were safe outside so early because no self respecting beast would be outside in the elements.....except for me, and my furry friend.

Mazey was like a 3-year-old headed downstairs to open presents on Christmas morning.  She can be VERY rambunctious.  She could knock me over like two bowling pins if she had a mind to.  Luckily she was more interested in running, rubbing her nose in the snow, and eating as much snow as possible.

Mr. Joe got up and we ate an early breakfast.  I decided it was photo shoot time before the snow melted.  I put on my boots, muffler, jacket and headed outside.....without Mazey.  You would have thought I was abandoning her for life!  Such whining, crying, and then laying prostate with grief by the front door!  I knew if I took her with me she would run off into the woods with the pillow, so she was banished to the house while Mr. Joe cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

I set up my old Flexible Flyer sled, an old lantern, and my Mom's ice skates to set the scene, and it really started snowing.  Now let me tell you about the lantern which belonged to my Dad.  There is a dead lizard inside the glass which has been there for at least 40 years maybe longer.  The lizard has pretty much turned to dust, but he's still there.  It's his final resting place and I'm not removing him.

The skates belonged to my Mom and she brought them with her on a train when she moved from Troy, NY to California in 1942.  They are at least 70 years old.  If I ever decided to go ice skating, without even trying, I would most likely end up doing a double toe loop and ending in a death spiral.  No kidding, I can't put anything on my feet other than shoes.

I bought the Flexible Flyer sled at a car show many, many summers ago.  It was about 100 degree out and I'm lugging around an old sled.  Mr. Joe thought I was stark raving mad when I bought this sled.......I LOVE it.

So that's my story.  I got soaking wet, and the pillow got soaking wet.....but I took a few good pictures for the front and back pattern cover. 

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It's only 10:15 am and I've had a full day.  Time for a nap.



  1. All your efforts were well worth it Lynn - what a beautiful setup. And love that you were able to include the lizard's last resting place. His 15 minutes of fame, all be it, a little on the late side :).

  2. Beautiful pictures and I love your pillow!!

  3. Your pillow is great, and I LOVE the picture of Glow-eyed Mazey!! Hope you had a good nap and a great day!! Hugs, H

  4. We went up and found a little snow today too! I love Checkerberry and the stories about eack of your treasureS, but I hope that publishing him as a single project doesn't mean he's going to be an only child! He needs brothers and sisters! Mazey and Maecee are cut from the same cloth! Mamas Girls...and just look how the light of her love for you shines from her sweet brown eyes!

  5. FYI - There is NOTHING, I repeat nothing (well maybe except for food), that goldens love more than SNOW! So I am sympathetic towards Mazey for what she had to endure. Our Toby, an Oklahoma boy, has LOVED snow ever since we took him to Colorado. That being said, the pillow is adorable and I definitely want the pattern. Let us know when we can purchase a copy.

  6. How dogs act in the first few snows are always fun to see. My 12 yr old Cody still acts a little nuts in the snow. I am happy to say though it was in the 50s here yesterday and no snow. We are usually up to our ears by now. Your pillow props are fantastic!

  7. This is just so funny, Lynn! My first thought was that maybe Mazey was telling you to get up because of a bear! Good thing she didn't see the lizard or you might have both been ice skating in the snow, sans ice skates! All in all, Checkerberries photo shoot turned out perfect!

  8. Hello Lynn,

    Loved hearing the story behind your props. A great photo of Mazey. Enjoy the snow.

    Happy days.

  9. Great "Stocking Stuffer" surprise on the In Between Stitches blog this morning!!! It's a great read all the way to the end :D