Friday, September 30, 2016

What Happens at the Retreat..............

Hello Everyone,
Another successful Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat came to an end yesterday.  This is just a small sample of the beautiful quilts made by all of the beautiful women.

The day started with another mini-lecture, then we all walked down to the amphitheater for our group photo.  Then back to the lodge for a tasty frittata brunch.  I do NOT want to step on the scale when I return home.
I got all weepy when Rose presented me with two cards signed by all of "my girls".  I had to read them in private so people didn't see me become a blithering idiot.  Their sentiments touched my heart.

Here are pictures of "tablemates".  Some of the nicest people you would ever want to know.


Shelley and Rose you have to come back since I forgot to take your pictures!

After brunch the room started to empty as the girls packed up and headed for home. This part of the retreat always makes me sad. Some had great distances to drive and wanted to be home before dark. 

Here's one group photo of friends, sisters, and cousins heading for home.  Gail and I want them to adopt us into their family.  We promise to behave.....not!

Words fail me to express my appreciation to the wonderful ladies who came to the retreat.  Their camaraderie, inspiration, compassion, sense of humor, love for each other, love of life, and faith, filled the room every minute of every day.  We all are returning home better people, and have widened our circle of friends......all through our love of quilting. I love you all!
P.S. The only thing we missed was seeing a bear.  Next time, I'm going to dress Mazey up in a bear costume and have her stroll through the room.


  1. What marvelous fun! I'm sure that you are all leaving with new quilting knowledge, great memories and even new friends.
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  2. It make me happy and sad and I wasn't even there. Always in spirit. My friend. Looks like the best time. You are so loved and appreciated Lynn. Hugs and soon.....

  3. Relax while you can! Round 2 will arrive before you know it...full of cheeky troublemakers too, you can bet!
    I'm counting on you to follow through with this costume idea!
    "Next time, I'm going to dress Mazey up in a bear costume and have her stroll through the room."

  4. I can't think who nancy is referring to when she talks about troublemakers.

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog. And you never fail to show beautiful quilts and leave me with a smile. Thanks.

  6. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  7. I'm so happy for you all...a wonderful, sunny retreat, bearless scenery, lots of camaraderie, THE most fabulous hostess ever, and so many gorgeous quilts! I love that Gail and Patty wore their jammies the last day...what a hoot...something I would have done! I'll SO miss the next gathering at Snowflake Lodge!