Friday, December 9, 2016

Bordering On.......

Hello Everyone,
Just briefly touching base with you today.  The borders are now sewn onto Spoken For

The fabric I selected is the same as the background in the blocks, even though for some reason it looks darker.  My blog reader, Jacqueline, hit the nail on the head when she suggested I use the background fabric for the borders.
I'm going to fill the border with elegant feathers separated by a narrow, plain, straight lines.

Some of you probably aren't going to believe this, but I placed my first order with Amazon this week.  I now have my own account, and boxes are arriving daily, sometimes twice a day. This efficiency somehow seems so inefficient.  My poor mailman, and UPS delivery man rolled their eyes out loud at me yesterday!

It was easy to shop from my computer, but I do miss the hustle and bustle of shopping for Christmas, hearing the Christmas music in the mall, and seeing Santa.  I may have to make a trip to the mall just to get my Christmas shopping "fix". (That fix is going to last all of 5 minutes and I'll be ready to flee to the solitude of my own home).  I'm still a huge fan of shopping local.  I will spend a day in downtown Livermore looking for specialty gifts to compensate for my Amazon shopping. 

Here's to the environment.  Park the car and take a stroll through downtown in your own hometown.  Shop Main Street USA!



  1. I am tickled that you liked my border suggestion. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  2. LOVE the feathers you've sketched out! And we also love strolling along that certain block of downtown Livermore, the one that takes you into that quilt shop where the old floors squeak to perfection. I bet Alden Lane is bursting with wonderful goodies too!

  3. The borders really round out Spoken For! Kudos to Jacqueline! We sure love Amazon, but there is nothing better than the street of our little downtown for sure!

  4. Will Spoken For become a pattern / kit for purchase ? It is so lovely. Thank you.