Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Journey's End Block of the Month

 Hello Everyone,

I just picked up my fabric at the shop yesterday for Kim Diehl's Journey's End block of the month.
The delicious fabric is called Katie's Cupboard.

I will be teaching this quilt in my Let's Make a Diehl class at In Between Stitches on February 7th.

If you are interested in signing up for the six-part block of the month, click HERE for more information at In Between Stitches.  I think this quilt is going to appeal to many of you.  I love it!!  If I wasn't so busy getting ready for Christmas, I would be in my sewing room all day long working on this beauty.

I had an extremely interesting Sunday with my granddaughter.  I was privileged to be at a birthing at the pig farm.  To see this new life come into the world was quite an experience.  Harleigh has delivered many piglets and has many more to come as 13 sows are all pregnant, and will deliver in the next two weeks.  She could have a very busy Christmas vacation.

The FFA (Future Farmers of America) students are "on call" and drop everything, to get to the pig farm outside of town to assist in the birthing.

It was an extremely cold morning on Sunday. I'm sure this heat lamp felt good, after the piglets got cleaned off then had some cuddle time.  They are treated with dignity, kindness, and love.

I went from the pig farm, to home to get myself cleaned up, then off to watch our grandson play basketball.  Jess scored the teams only points of the day.  That would be "2".  It's been a frustrating season for the team, our son the coach, and our grandson.  They are learning to lose with dignity.  They keep smiling and playing their little hearts out game after game. 
Christmas preparations continue at my house.  Grocery shopping today which includes the dreaded run to Costco with a million other people.  Mr. Joe would gladly go for me as long as he has a list.  The trouble with sending him to Costco alone, is the volume of "extras" that just find their way into the cart.  He can spend hours looking at everything and deciding we need every condiment known to man.  I have to go with him and be the Costco police.  It still amazes me how many things he sneaks in the cart when I'm not looking.  He's just like a kid in the candy shop.
Enjoy your first day of Winter.


  1. Good morning. Pretty sure I signed up for this class. Can't wait. Love love those little houses!!! And the fabric. Oh boy. Can not wait. Have a beautiful relaxing Christmas Lynn. Love to you and family!!!

  2. I'm sitting here laughing my head off. On a recent trip to Costco, it was very strange to see this yellow, triangular box of Toblerone find it's way into the cart! When asking Mr. Squash how it got in there he said it was only because he was amazed at how neatly they packed nine bars into the box. He's put them in his Jeep, claiming they're emergency provisions LOL.
    Love the Kim Diehl project! Ms. Harleigh might have found her future vocation. What a wonderful experience!

  3. Oh my - those fabrics are to die for! You will have so much fun making that quilt. I had to smile about your Costco run; the Official Cookie Tester is just the opposite of Mr. Joe - I'd never get him to go on a Costco run alone, and adding extras to the list wouldn't even occur to him. :D

  4. FFA is such a wonderful organization for kids - they learn so much! Harleigh is going to be a 'pro' after all of those piglets are born. I know you are all so very proud of her!
    I laughed out loud about Mr Joe and Costco. He could be my husband's long lost brother :))

  5. The quilt is beautiful and I love the picture of Harleigh and the piggy -- adorable! I was particularly proud that, although Jess scored his 2 points, he is learning an even bigger life lesson: we can't always win but trying makes us a winner anyway!

  6. This block of the month is tempting me! The pattern and the fabric are wonderful, but I think it will be too much expensive the shipping to Italy. I wonder if it's possible to have only the pattern even on Pdf format.
    I follow your blog and enjoy to see your quilts and the amazing quilting you do on them.
    Greetings from Italy.