Saturday, October 28, 2017

Retreat Withdrawls

Hello Everyone,
Here are the "retreaters" in all of their glory on the last day of the Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat.  I miss these ladies, their companionship, and the laughter that continued for days!

I miss seeing their beautiful works of art.

I miss seeing their fabric selections.

I miss seeing their creativity.

I miss chatting with them each and every day.

I miss their sense of humor.

I miss the endless buzzing of their machines.

I miss the delicious food.

I miss the ladies who stayed with me at my cabin and our marathon slumber party.  We laughed until the tears were streaming down our checks as we talked well into the evening.  Then the talk and laughter resumed at the dining room table every morning.

I miss the beautiful Autumn weather and the setting of Snowflake Lodge.  We were surrounded by beauty inside and out.
I miss you all and thank you all for making this retreat so special.  I really miss the "chorus line" with those ladies who could really bust a move, and make Elvis proud.  If I muster up the courage, I will post a picture with a disclaimer that their names are to remain anonymous for eternity.

Love you all to the moon and back.



  1. I feel that retreat withdrawal often too. It sounds like you had another wonderful week. I can't wait till next year :-)

  2. Blogs really need to give us access to emojis...I could use one with both a beaming smile and a tear or two.....thank you, Lynn, for making it all happen!!!

  3. Ditto on both Lynn and Paula's remarks. It was wonderful and I am having serious withdrawals. Telling my son about this past retreat had me relive all the joyful moments. He said we are doing what we love with friends and who could ask for more.

  4. Wow - those concentric square blocks are sensational! I'm definitely going to put that design in my "future" project file.

  5. Looks like another wonderful retreat!