Saturday, February 3, 2018

Heritage Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
An absolutely delightful group of women gathered together at Friends Around the Block in Colusa last Saturday for my Heritage class.  By the end of class, the girls had some beautiful blocks completed.  I can't wait to go back and see everyone again.

The magic begins when the pieces are placed on the block layout sheet which is included in each pattern.  (Unless my pattern stuffer, Mr. Joe, forgets to put one in!)

The dynamic mother-daughter duo went to town on their blocks. I love seeing this quilt made in blue!

Sharon has an eye for detail in her log cabin blocks.  Working with directional fabrics in a Log Cabin block on point, can be a bit tricky.

All of the blocks were so different and so beautiful!


Here are my scrappy blocks that I made before class.  My new version is going to look so different from the original.  I find that when I make my patterns in an alternative colorway, the pattern has a longer shelf life......especially if I make a scrappy version.  I may, just may, have to tear myself away from my quilt show preparations and make one more block today.  I find them so addictive, that I can't make just one!

Here's the original Heritage.  The pattern is available in my Etsy shop. 

During class, Mary showed us a quilt top she just completed.  This quilt uses Rachael Remembered fabrics.  Love the quilt, the fabrics, and her precision.

Gail and I had a delightful time at Friends Around the Block in Colusa.  Let me tell all of you that this shop is well worth a road trip.  The shop is packed full of goodies and fabrics that I haven't seen in other shops.  Carol, the owner, and the staff are just delightful.  (Note to self.......when we go back to Colusa during duck hunting season, I must remember to pack my camouflage outfit.....especially if we go back to Rocco's on the River for their delicious fish tacos!)



  1. What beautiful work by everyone. Looks like a great day for all!!

  2. These blocks really are beautiful! Can't wait to make this quilt someday. Maybe next fall at retreat :-)

  3. I do love seeing all the different interpretations - beautiful! So let me guess...the ducks came to you and Gail for protection from the hunters? Maybe they need their own camouflage quilt!

  4. The choices in fabrics these ladies choose are wonderful. And I do love yours with the black. This one is definitely in my future. If you do need camo anything, I am your girl... :)