Sunday, February 4, 2018

Patchwork Math Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
My girls in Colusa are creative!  I taught a Patchwork Math class last week at Friends Around the Block, and they taught me a few tricks or two!  I always learn something from my students and write down their excellent ideas and suggestions.
This block highlights the Y-square which is in my Patchwork Math book.

This block highlights the placement of flying geese and double flying geese.

The next three pictures highlight the versatility of the Y-square to make borders or sashings.

It's all in the use of color and placement.

Cute sashing!

The girls also made HST 8 at a time and square in a square components.

Pretty block.

Look how you can change the block when you add Y-squares around it.  The girls each made 8 Y-squares during class.

Here's another great border or sashing idea using flying geese and double flying geese.

The girls all made the same components during class using different fabrics.  The possibilities are endless.  I missed a few photo opportunities.  Sorry girls.

All of the formulas for the above components and more are available in my Patchwork Math book which is in my Etsy shop HERE.  This is my most popular workshop and is so much fun to teach.  There are many "light bulb" moments in class and it's so much fun for me to watch the magic happen.  During the workshop, I explain the formulas for one component, then the quilters make that component.  Every hour on the hour, I introduce another formula for a different component.  It is a full day of learning, sharing, and "ah ha" moments.  Throw in a bit a laughter and you have the makings for a great day! 


P.S.  My Patchwork Math videos are located HERE for free on The Quilt Show.  You too, can learn how to make the components for traditional blocks, sashings, and borders and be one of the Sew'n Wild Oaks girls!



  1. So many fun components to sew. The ladies sewed up some lovely blocks with them. Inspiring!

  2. Wish you were closer - such fun to play with fabrics and blocks!