Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Action Packed Days

Hello Everyone,

What a busy, fun-filled three days!  We've been at the County Fair and on the ball field for three days.  We've had our fill of greasy fair food just in time to belly up to the buffet on the cruise ship. Elastic waistbands are good!

First things first, we wouldn't have missed the past three days for the world.  Family is everything to us. Watching our grand kids grow into good people is what life is all about.

Our biggest event was watching our Granddaughter Emily, win first place at the Alameda County Fair for Showmanship with her goat, Bama.  Our other Granddaughter Harleigh came in second for Showmanship.  We cried we were so happy for the girls and all of their hard work.  Can you tell the cousins are beaming! 

Some last minute grooming before "showtime".

Harleigh was awarded FFA Champion Market Goat for Quinton. 

The girls are going to say goodbye to their animals on Sunday.  I'm so glad that I'm not going to be around. I said my goodbyes today through tears. The FFA kids learn so much about the circle of life while they are in the program. Emily is spending every minute she can with Bama.  It is easier to say goodbye to the pigs.....but these goats have distinct personalities.

We also watched two of Jess' summer league baseball games.  Exciting times, great hitting, and good hustle behind the plate.

Tomorrow we set sail for the Quilting Cruise to Alaska.  North to Alaska.....the rush is on!  I'll try to post as often as I can while onboard.  I have a feeling we are going to be pretty busy.



  1. Kid Fun !! Beautiful sheep. I can relate. Growing up we had a small farm. From the first my dad brought home an adorable black angus he told us his name was Freezer !

  2. Great memories and great life lessons. So many good things to be learned through FFA and 4-H!

  3. So wonderful to hear you had such great family time..and congrats to those talented grandkids! have a fabulous cruise...I know you will! We were on a Quilting cruise years ago and it was so awesome. How lucky they are to have you as an instructor. Enjoy it all!