Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Alaska Cruise Part Two

Hello Everyone,
In my mind I'm still on vacation in Alaska.  In reality I'm knee-deep in paperwork for the company including orders, and doing battle with the new and improved website for the State Board of Equalization.  The new site virtually makes it impossible for me to pay the sales tax money that I owe.  While I'm on hold for the next 27 minutes, I will work on my blog post.  This is not the first time I've been on hold!
I'll turn my time to happier thoughts which include the second session that I taught on the quilting cruise to Alaska.  The group did an excellent job on their Row-Mancing Alaska blocks!

I grouped the blocks together since I had so many photos.
Here are some of the Aurora blocks.


One of the girls found this fabulous fabric for her Aurora block while shopping at a quilt store in Alaska.  Each center is going to be unique and so Aurora-like.

I love the pink trunks in the Black Spruce blocks! 

Here are some Gold Rush blocks.  One has a oopsie which will be fixed.

Midnight Sun blocks.  We experienced the midnight sun.  It was light well into the night.  I'm an early riser, but the sun beat me up every morning around 4am.  Most mornings I met up with my sister Gail at the International Coffee Bar.  We would have a vanilla latte and a pastry.  Boy did we get spoiled!

Here we have some Glacier Bay blocks.

Here is a photo of those quilters who showed up for the Session Two photo.

Well, while I was on hold trying to pay my sales tax, I managed to get this entire post completed.  Great frustration here on my part.  I spent way too much time trying to pay the State of California.  I should present them with a bill for my time!

I leave on Thursday for a road trip to Susanville, CA.  I'll be teaching Patchwork Math and Grammy Squares on Friday and Saturday at Country Pines Quilt Shop.  I'm looking forward to meeting new quilters, and seeing the fabrics in the shop.  Some of the fabrics may follow me home. This is a new area of the state for me to visit and teach. 

We had some good family time last weekend with kids and grandkids.  More good family times are planned for next week. We have to get all of our time scheduled before school starts in August.  Whatever happened to the days when school started AFTER Labor Day?  Now it begins mid-August which doesn't give us much time to be together.

I'm still working on the hundreds of Alaskan photos.  Be sure and stay tuned to see the one of me kissing a banana slug!




  1. I can't wait for the banana slug kissy picture! HA ha!!

    Looks like your cruise was an unqualified success!

  2. Ah Lynn....I don't think Alaska will ever leave us. Banana slugs and all!!! And so many happy faces...Success as defined by Webster...or someone. Not sure! LOL!!!

  3. Oh it makes me miss this all ready. What a wonderful time we had and even got to quilt. The pictures are great Lynn.

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Love the pictures.