Thursday, January 31, 2019

Machine Quilting a Small Table Topper

Hello Everyone,
I'm still preparing for the Folsom Quilt Show.  The preparations included taking a serious look at what I could realistically finish, and physically pull together over the next week.  This little table topper was put aside after the Paradise fire, so I could work on the fundraiser.  It was time to finish it.

I decided this table topper was so small (20" x 20") that I could machine quilt this on my Bernina.  I had the center template, so I marked it on the front.

I drew the outside border on freehand around the pumpkins.

Now I'm starting to put kits together for the show.  Aren't they cute!  Now I just have to pull the pattern together.

Now that I have two laser printers going, they have been spitting out patterns at record speed.  Mr. Joe has been able to keep up with his pattern stuffing.  He works on his stack every morning and afternoon.  We are just about done with that process.  Now we have to price all the patterns, books, and product.  This truly is a cottage, mom & pop, industry.

Snow is predicted for the weekend, so I'm trying to get as much done as I can before the storm hits. One of the jobs is organizing everything for the show that is stored in the garage.  I think I may work on that today while the temperature is a bit warmer instead of putting this off until tomorrow.  Once this show is over, I can get back to quilting!  I can't wait.


P.S. On another note, my granddaughter got her drivers license yesterday.  How did this happen?  I swear she was just a baby a few months ago.  Time goes waaaaay tooooo FAST! What a milestone day.  I remember way back when I got my license.  I also remember when parallel parking was mandatory.  I took my test in a big, old boat of a car.....a 1957 Mercury.  Those were the days.



  1. Love the picture of your granddaughter's happy dance. A driver's license is a ticket to freedom AND responsibility. Good for her and welcome to another step towards adulthood!

  2. My Granddaughter is going in to test to get her driver's license this coming month too. I am happy for her and scared to death all in one package! It does seem like just yesterday I was holding that new little bundle in my arms as a proud grandma. Then I blinked and she was 18 years old!

  3. That little table topper is adorable! And, I know what you mean about how fast grandchildren grow. One of mine took his first steps at our house yesterday and I know he will be in the driver's seat before I know it. Have fun in the snow!

  4. Beautiful table topper.....just may need to drive up to the Folsom Quilt Show.