Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Winner #2

Hello Everyone,
I'm am so happy to announce that Carolyn, from Independence Hall Quilt Guild, won my Emilie Elizabeth quilt from my Fundraiser for Paradise.  I was thrilled that someone I knew personally was a winner.  As you recall, Carolyn's number was drawn by one of the members of the Ridge Quilting Guild in Paradise last Tuesday.  I took the quilt to my guild meeting yesterday and made the announcement.  (Please note that my shirt, scarf, and snow boots all match!)

I'm still preparing, and will be preparing for my booth at the quilt show in Folsom next month.  I got this brainstorm the other night to make Fat 1/8th Flowers.  I have 61 fat 1/8's tied up together to look like a flower.  It is so much easier to display the fabrics this way.  They also stand up on their own. I was going to put them in a terracotta flower pot, but this way is more colorful.

I'm off to Quail's Nest Quilt Co. tomorrow to teach Cute as a Button.  I get to spend my day with quilters instead of folding fabric in front of the TV.  My day will be much more inspiring with the quilters!  If you are interested in taking the class, give Susan a call at the shop.

Enjoy your day creating something beautiful.




  1. Oh how wonderful! She must be thrilled to pieces. And, I love your fat 1/8th flowers. How clever and colorful!

  2. Congratulations Carolyn!!! You'll enjoy that beautiful quilt!! Hugs, H