Saturday, January 5, 2019

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Hello Everyone,
I have to stop working/playing and take inventory of projects that need to be finished.  Huckleberry Hill is at the top of my list.

I decided what to do with the borders, but first I have to finish the blocks.

This block needs a lot of work.  My plan is to work on the bow for the basket today.  I also think this basket needs a little something more in it.  I will have to work on that too.  I have yards and yards of this fabric that has been patiently waiting to be turned into kits.  Sigh......just not enough hours in each day.
It's hard to work on projects when you want to spend time with all of the littles in the family.  We brought two of our grandsons back with us to the cabin for a few days after Christmas.  It was 19 degrees when I took this picture.  The boys played for hours in the snow and almost turned into popsicles.

After New Years, two of our granddaughters were with us for a few days. They spent more time shopping and playing games than playing in the snow.  It's a teenage girl thing.  They used to spend hours in the snow.  Now that passion has turned to drinking hot chocolate and playing games in the cozy cabin by the fire.

While the girls were sledding, I sat in the car and enjoyed this view while stitching.....

....on my little baskets.

It is supposed to start snowing at the cabin today.   It's going to be a perfect day to finish cleaning out the garage to make room for the car.  It is also going to be a good day to watch football and stitch.  I'm heading out tomorrow for Livermore to teach on Monday and Tuesday.......if my street is plowed....and if I can get out of the neighborhood to the main highway.  It could be dicey.  I'll let you know.



  1. Happy New Year, Lynn! Your projects look do your sweet grandchildren. What a winter wonderland for them there.

  2. Happy New Year Lynn. Beautiful projects.

  3. I love this basket pattern - I am awaiting Huckleberry Hill pattern! Happy New Year

  4. I wish you a very happy snow day (or two) to work on just what you like!