Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,
She's a flimsy!  Country Courthouse now has a flange and borders and she's ready to be quilted.  I wanted to do something to separate the setting triangles from the borders, so a 1/2" flange was just the ticket.

The quilt is 81" x 81", so it's hard to get a good picture of the entire quilt.  The flange is very subtle and adds a nice little touch.  It's all about the details.

Each corner looks like this.  Adding the flange was the equivalent of doing the border twice......but so worth the effort.

Here's a heads up for quilters living in the Sacramento Valley.  I'm teaching both the big sister Country Courthouse, and little sister Cute as a Button in Colusa at Friends Around the Block on Friday, April 26th.  Click HERE to check out the shop and see the class schedule.  The shop has something for everyone.  The staff is so friendly and helpful too.
I'll be teaching Country Charmer on Saturday, April 27th, also at Friends Around the Block, a destination quilt shop. 

This is my most popular pattern.

This pattern was picked up by Robert Kaufman fabrics a couple of years ago.  They remade it in one of their Christmas lines, and it was in a Keepsake Quilting catalog.
 My friend Jean made her version and added a beautiful border.

You can see an extensive tutorial on this block by clicking HERE

The next couple days I have to update my teaching notes for each of the quilts. Then I will turn full attention to Easter preparations. I always make and decorate sugar cookies for bunny and carrot cookies cutters are at the city house.  Shopping in my small, mountain community is pretty sparse....not a bunny cookie cutter to be found.  I could drive an hour to civilization, but why do that? I have a squirrel cookie cutter, so this year is going to be the year of the Easter squirrel! 
We are all meeting up at my eldest son's house for Easter brunch.  My daughter-in-law called last night and said we are up to 18.  The family circle is growing to include a boyfriend and his family.  The more the merrier.  We also have 4 April birthdays to celebrate.  This is an expensive month for the Wilder family!
Speaking of birthdays, Mazey turned 5 earlier this month. She wasn't crazy about wearing her birthday necklace.  She puts up with our nonsense.

She got to spend time playing in puddles while we went for our afternoon walk at the school.  She is just like a little kid.



  1. I just am so in love with this quilt! Can't wait for the pattern. The Country Charmer was a fav of mine and plan to make another this fall. I can't believe Mazey is five already - wow, where did that time fly by!

  2. Oh it is stunning. I just have one question - how much does it weigh? I keep thinking of all those seams and all that thread - wink!

  3. Happy Birthday to Maisie! She is such a sweetheart :-)

  4. An Easter Squirrel! I love it! :) I also have a squirrel cookie cutter that I love busting out for fun.

    Your cute as a button (and big sister quilt) are so charming! I can hardly wait to start mine. :)

  5. Love the new size of the Buttons quilt! Mazi is lucky to have you as an owner! Also blessed to have such a great family! Squirrels are great!

  6. I love the idea of an Easter Squirrel! What a hoot! Happy Birthday, Mazey!!!! You're a doll!

  7. Always love your quilts.....Country Courthouse is no exception. Just lovely!!