Thursday, January 20, 2022

Doing My Civic Duty

 Hello Everyone,

I'm doing my civic duty via a Zoom call.  This has been the most irritating two days of my life, and I have to join in the Zoom call again today for hopefully the final day of jury selection.  The trial could go for 4 weeks.  4 WEEKS!!!

I don't have to worry about what I'm going to wear to jury duty.  I could show up in my pj's and no one would know the difference.......well unless the buffalo check red and black flannel is a dead giveaway.

Just the roll call yesterday took 45 minutes!  I've been drumming my fingers so much it's a wonder I have any nails left.

You have to stay in front of your computer's camera at all times.  We have two 15-minute breaks during the 5-1/2-hour timeframe.  YIKES that not much of a break from the tedium of the day.

I'm all set up in my sewing room which is quiet and doesn't give Mr. Joe the chance to inadvertently walk behind my camera in his tidy whiteys. 

I'm getting up earlier than ever trying to fill orders, answer your questions about the block of the month, and work on tutorials. My plan is to make a tab of FAQ's - frequently asked questions about the BOM.  This will save me time and will also be helpful to you. 

If you email me, I will get back to you, just give me a bit more time to respond.  

I hope tomorrow at this time I don't have a new name of........Juror #12.




  1. There are no emojis available so "X X X", the closest I could get to "fingers crossed" !!!!

  2. All I can say is hopefully your internet will be wonky enough that they will excuse you! Good luck, Lynn⚖️ If all else fails, Joe can do his Tom Cruise impersonation up and down the hallway...

  3. I guess I don't have to worry about jury duty anymore since I'm 'over a certain age' and don't think they call us oldsters. I would NOT like doing it via Zoom. Very annoying....

  4. Such a bummer! That is was too long to be on Zoom😜
    I will send positive vibes that you are not selected for the jury🤞🤞🤞Paula I found the cross your fingers emoji.

  5. Hopefully you're done with jury attendance on zoom and that you weren't chosen?

  6. Congratulations on being able to do jury duty, even if not chosen. It IS our civic duty although it screws up whatever plans we thought we had for that week ... or more if chosen. Things will return to "normal" soon enough.