Thursday, February 22, 2024

A Sneak Peek

 Hello Everyone,

Here are just a few snippets of the project I've been diligently working on during all of our storms here in California.  The project includes 12 of the applique blocks.

I'm working with my Hearthstone fabric line, and I haven't tired of it yet.  In fact, I'm loving it more and more as I go.  I'm making 16 of this pieced block.  I finished block #8 yesterday.

Here are the blocks against the backdrop of Hearthstone bolts.

I'm making 8 of this applique block.

I set up an applique station in the great room so I could watch the playoff football games and applique the day away.  I need to find another sport now that football is over for the season.  I'm not a huge fan of basketball.  I wish the Winter Olympics were on so I could do some Olympic-type applique!

Before all of the rains began, we did have a bit of snow.  The shoveling was very doable as the snow was very fluffy and we just had to push it out of the way. We probably could have used the leaf blower as it was so powdery.

The picture doesn't do this scene justice.  It looked like thousands of diamonds were falling out of the trees and glistening in the sun.

We stay comfy and cozy in our cabin in the woods.

While all of this quilting is going on, I also worked on two new fabric lines and submitted them to Marcus Fabrics.  I'm working on fabric line #3 now.  It takes sooooo long to bring a fabric collection to life!  I'm having a Zoom meeting with the graphic designer and Marcus management next week to discuss my submissions and maybe I'll get some sort of timeframe for their release.  

I always set the Zoom call up in my quilting room and change out the quilt behind me.  I really need to tidy up my room so I can show them the entire setting.  We'll see about that!



  1. Lots of energy up the hill Creativity too Taking a trip to hilmar today Linda b

    1. If I keep busy and moving, then I don't get cold up here. I wish my overactive brain would generate some heat waves. Have fun at Cloth and Quilts.