Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Spring Frolic

 Hello Everyone,

I was on a roll yesterday and machine quilted Spring Frolic.  Once I started quilting, I thought to myself that I could finish it in a day...and I did.

The table topper is 23" x 23" so it wasn't a huge endeavor. I think it is going to look so pretty on my dining room table.  Mr. Joe isn't usually effusive about any of my quilts since he's numb to the fact they are all around the house.  But he does like this little project.

Snow is in our forecast for the end of the week and the temperature is going to plummet.  My long arm is in my garage, so I knew I had to get this done while the weather was cooperating. As it was, I was still a bit chilly and had to come in by the fire a couple of times to warm up.

I will be making Spring Frolic kits and I'll put them in my Etsy shop once they are cut and the pattern is written. I have to get them done before my first Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat at the end of the month.  

The other night when we were over at my sister's cabin for dinner, we came home to this mess.  We've had a Rubbermaid container on our deck for the past 20 years and the bears have always left it alone.  We use it to store charcoal briquettes, wood chips, plant fertilizer, planting supplies accessories for the Blackstone, and insect spray.  A bear or bears totally tore it apart and spread the contents out on the deck.  There were fertilizer ladened footprints on the mat right by the sliding glass door.  I'm sure Mazey was going ballistic with a bear right on the other side of the glass!  Poor thing.  

I think I'll send Rubbermaid a picture of the devastation as a testament to the cabinet's durability.  All the pieces just snapped back together, and it is as good as new....if you don't mind a few bear puncture woods.

I might get the binding ready for stitching today, so I can work on it during the snowstorm.  I'm so ready for Spring to arrive!  Maybe I'll have a spring in my step today and take a walk around the neighborhood before the storm clouds roll in AGAIN.




  1. Your machine quilting is just beautiful and really finishes off your project!

  2. Well Spring Frolic is more stunning with each step. It came together beautifully and your supplies came apart unwillingly. One very determined visitor to say the least!!! Rubbermaid would be proud!

  3. Wow! That bear was really close! Glad you weren't out in the garage quilting. You'd have been stuck for a while! Lol! Beautiful job on your table topper.