Monday, April 15, 2024

Spring Frolic Kits

 Hello Everyone,

I'm deep in preparations for my first Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat of the year at Snowflake Lodge here in Arnold, CA.  One of the projects is my new Spring Frolic design.

This weekend, my sister Gail and our friend Debbie helped me make kits for the girls.  They are ADORABLE!  The table topper features my Hearthstone fabric line from Marcus Fabrics.  Debbie said she has a much greater appreciation for kits after she saw the level of effort it takes to pull them together.

I ordered more bolts from Marcus Fabrics so I can make more for my other retreats and I'll put some out on Etsy.  I'm including the backing and binding in the kit, so it is exactly like my original design. 

Today is going to be a full day of housecleaning, pattern printing and tutorial writing. 

Gotta scoot!


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  1. Beautiful kits and lots of laughter...a winning combination!