Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilting at the Windy Cabin

Good Morning Friends,

The lights have been flickering up here in Northern California so I'll try to get this post completed before the power goes out. Just a touch of snow yesterday afternoon. Today it's been only rain and wind. In my post yesterday, I mentioned the "Melody of the Mountains." Well folks, today that melody is a full blown Tabernacle Choir! As I gaze upon the towering pine trees right outside my windows, I'm wondering just how far they can sway before they snap off like toothpicks.

Joe is up in his woodworking shop sanding off his fingerprints, while I'm in my "workshop" with a recalcitrant one-year old Golden Retriever just begging to go play ball outside. I keep telling her, "Not today Sweety." Somehow that just isn't enough to pacify her. Joe would keep her in the wood shop, but she is sensitive to the noise and eats the wood chips. (Note to self, Zinny needs more roughage.)

I just finished up the two blocks from the shop's Civil War Tribute block of the month. I signed up for this BOM after I finished packaging up Month #2. The fabrics were absolutely I signed up. The amount of fabric for Month #1 was very generous (even with my cutting mistake!) I have plans for the leftovers and will post that at another date....maybe tomorrow.

The quilt is beautiful, LARGE (100" x 112"), and will look great up here at the cabin in the master bedroom.

The first month you make two blocks, 18" and 12". I don't think I've ever made an 18" block in my life until today! This quilt is going to be a fun one to make and I look forward to Month #2.

So friends, I'm off to my next project. This is going to be my mini quilting Olympics this week. Weather reports from Wilder's Last Resort will be provided by yours truly each and every day. Stay safe out there.

As always,

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