Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilting at the Stormy Cabin

Dear Quilty Friends,

Just finished with the first inner border for "Heartfire." I brought fabric with me for the outer borders, but I'm just not sure that I'm going to use it. I think I'll wait until we get back to town and pick out something a bit more lively. This part of the quilt measures 48" x 58" making it a nice lap quilt for these cold winter evenings.

Speaking of cold winter's a bit chilly up here in the mountains. The rain just started and the branches of the trees are decorated with sparkling diamonds.

The storm clouds are rolling in quickly over our little haven in the woods.

Joe and I are just staying put to ride out a very stormy week that's been predicted for California. No work for me tomorrow at the shop. Holly and Melissa are going to cover for me.

While Zinny and I were out for our morning walk, we heard the "melody of the mountains." The song for me is the wind up in the pine trees, an occasional hum of a far off chain saw, punctuated with the chop of an axe. The highlight of the melody for me is the honking of geese overhead. We saw a flock headed south....or getting the 'H' 'E' double-toothpicks out of Dodge!

In preparation for the impending storm, we headed to the grocery store yesterday morning for supplies. The population of Arnold on any given day hovers around 4,000 full-time residents. Throw in a 3-day holiday weekend and good snow at Bear Valley and the population escalates more than I can calculate all heading to the grocery store at the same time. The bread aisle was spotty and was in the process of being restocked. Milk and eggs were also at a premium. And, don't forget the backup in the Charmin aisle!

We are hunkering down at Wilder's Last Resort. The fridge is full, the candles and matches are at the ready, the firewood is stacked on the porch, we have good books to read while sipping a glass of wine and I have quilting projects to attend to. Last but not least, I have my love to keep me warm. I feel a song coming on!

I'll keep you posted via the blog. The last "BIG" storm didn't amount to much. I have great expectations that the weather this week will not disappoint. If you don't hear from me for long periods of time, just figure that my wireless connection is gone and I'm quilting by candlelight.

As always,


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