Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quilting Up A Storm.......

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from sunny California! What's that song, "It Never Rains in California....." We've had rain, wind, hail, thunder and lightning, snow and let me mention the wind again. The pine trees that surround Wilder's Last Resort were really whipping around this morning. Zinny approached her morning constitutional with a bit of trepidation out in the elements today. Can't say that I blame her one little bit.

Today I've been working on the embroidery on the bird house block for Party in the Garden BOM. Embroidery is so relaxing and peaceful. The graceful tendrils add a nice little touch to this block.

I wanted to make this block a little different by adding some scallops to the side. Joe said he didn't think they were very noticeable, so I added a strip of red to make them show up a little bit better. He has a good eye and surprises me sometimes with his quilting comments. I've learned to listen to him. (Good thing he doesn't read my blog....I'd never live that statement down!) All I have to do is add a little perch for the bird and this block is finished.

The snow started in earnest this afternoon. I won't be sitting out on this bench any time in the near future. This is our marshmellow roasting bench close to the fire pit. S'mores...mmmmm!

I shoveled the whole deck this afternoon and at the rate the snow is falling, I'll be out there soon with my snow shovel again. Joe and I have an agreement. He takes care of the driveway and I do the decks. I'm beginning to think I got the short end of the shovel since he can use the snowblower!

Stay safe and try to enjoy the weather. It sounds like we will have at least two maybe three more days of stormy weather.
As always,

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