Monday, January 4, 2010

We have a winner! READ THE WHOLE POST!

Dear Friends,

The winner of the Wilder Family Cookbook is......KATHY ROMANO! Congratulations Kathy.
Zinny actually licked the rawhide chew with your name on it before she picked up Anonymous.
Please email your address to and I'll get the book in the mail to you right away Kathy.

My thanks go to all of you that have posted comments to the blog. I appreciate your comments and get so excited when I actually get a comment or an email from someone that has read the blog. My friend Kathy suggested that I watch the movie Julie and Julia. Joe and I watched it this weekend and I am so like Julie when I get a comment. Whenever I say, "Joe, listen to this!" He knows someone sent in a comment.


In appreciation to all that read the blog, send me an email, and I will email you the recipe files in .pdf format. That way you can print them out if you wish and put them in the recipe binder of your choosing. I'll get the files sent just as soon as I can. I need to spruce them up a bit. They are in the order that I put them in the computer, so a little organization will be required first on my part. (I hope there won't be a run on real butter at the market when everyone gets their files!)

This blog started out being the Blossom of Friendship block of the month blog. Friendships are blossoming and I'm enjoying every minute of meeting so many of you, either in person or "virtual" friendships via the computer. What a nice, and special group of people you are! I will get back to the Blossom of Friendship quilt and post a tutorial on those pesky borders soon.

I'm off to work at the shop this morning. I took last Monday off for the Holidays, so there will be lots of new fabric to look at today. I wish all of you could come to the shop and spend some time enjoying the quilts, the fabric and the friendship.

As always,



  1. Thanks so much for your recipe offer! Always love trying new things. I'm at the border stage on my basket quilt too. I made my baskets about 6" tall--I'm not sure I'm going to applique the border. I've been thinking of doing trapunto (hopefully I have that correctly spelled) and hand quilting instead. Will welcome your hints!

  2. Just catching up on the blog today and want to thank you for your generous offer to us Non winners. I guess that makes us ALL winners. Thank you again and enjoy the weather.