Thursday, March 25, 2010

English Paper Piecing

Hello Everyone,

I didn't want you all to think that I was "slacking" since I haven't been showing too many quilting pictures lately. This was the week to work on writing the pattern for the new Block of the Month. I can sew much faster than I can compose my scattered thoughts and organize them into meaningful directions.

I've been working on the directions to make the English paper pieced flowers and thought I would enclose them in this post. I know they aren't the easiest for you to see, but just pretend you can. Trust me, it looks great on my screen!

I've been scanning all the original applique drawings and got them into a digital format yesterday. Not really thrilling to you, but it was a major deal for me. The bottom line is that is will save money when it comes to printing. Which will make the cost of the pattern much lower.

I have a greater appreciation for all designers that design a block of the month. This quilt has been a major part of my life for the last few months.....and I'm anxious to get back to normal. (So are Joe and Zinny.)

So back to the computer and the sewing machine. I have all of the 40 itty bitty pieces cut out for the 6-1/2" corner blocks. I need to make them and work on the directions while the process is fresh in my mind.

As always,


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