Friday, March 12, 2010

You Have Mail

Hello Everyone,

I'd better make this one quick as the snow is really starting to fall and that means one thing......our power will go out soon. For no reason at all, the power was off for about eight hours on Thursday. So we packed up and spent the day browsing through antique and quilt shops in Sonora.

I told you on the last post, my goal was to hunker down and finish the last applique block for Party in the Garden......and her she is. Let me introduce you to a mailbox I'd like to have in my yard. It's ironic that I designed this up at the cabin and we don't have a mailbox at all. We don't even have a Post Office Box up here.

It all started out as a drawing on my light table. I love my light table but it is very distracting.

From a drawing to reality. I guess I should have taken pictures of all the other fabrics that auditioned for a role in the "Mail Box." The Moda fabric is all so beautiful that it makes it hard to decide what looks the best.
So with that block complete, I decided to fill in an area that needed something. The space only has room for a 6-1/2" block. So not to worry, just whip a block together that fits right in....WRONG....what was I thinking? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

I should have known better and not selected a 6-1/2" block that has FORTY pieces of fabric in it! While constructing this little gem of a block, I realized that the fingers that I thought were long and slender, suddenly became fat and stubby and they were having a difficult time holding on to the tiniest half-square triangles I've ever seen in my life. They were 1/2"!!!

In writing up the directions to make this block, I added a disclaimer that I wasn't sure if you should open the wine bottle before beginning this block, or after. THREE HOURS LATER I was finally finished. (No, I didn't open a bottle, even though it is 5 o'clock somewhere!)

It is really cute in the mix with the rest of the crew. The problem is, I have to make one more out of the blue and pink polka dot.

My workspace is getting a bit cluttered....but it is such good clutter!

Time to pack everything away and get ready for the grandsons. I'm going to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the kids. My cookie jar is now holding a pot of crumbs so I need to fill it up like any self-respecting Grammy.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I'll be sledding with the kids on Saturday, then teach quilting on Sunday at the shop. Sounds like the perfect combination of activities to me. Of course I may be in traction by Sunday!

As always,


  1. I'm really enjoying the quilt you are designing. It looks absolutely wonderful!

  2. Have a great time. You made the ideal mailbox.