Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Top of the World

Hello Everyone,

It was a beautiful day today. Mr. Wilder and I got up early, packed the car and the dog and headed for the cabin. It takes two hours to drive up to the cabin and the scenery today was spectacular. The first part of the trip is mainly freeway driving which makes it easy for me to read or applique. Once we approach the foothills, it's time to pack the sewing away and concentrate on the road so I don't start to "hurl". This is looking back down the road that we just drove up...not a car in sight.

We pulled over to a vista point and took out our picnic lunch and looked out over the great Sacramento Valley. The clouds and the incredible green of the hills filled our hearts, eyes and souls. It was a time that you didn't want to talk, you just wanted to enjoy all the beauty surrounding you. You can still see remnants of the past in the rock walls criss-crossing their way across the mountains. The walls had to be built high enough so a horse couldn't jump over it and tight enough that a rabbit couldn't squeeze through it.....so Joe tells me. What a wealth of knowledge he is! Sort of looks like Zorro was there!

We could see snow in the distance while watching the clouds cast their shadows on the land below. What a view we had on our trip today.

This vista is looking south toward Yosemite.

The cabin is located in Calaveras County. There are three, yes "3" stop lights in the whole county. We had a green light at the one and only stop light we went through today in the county. Just beyond the stop light was this sign................

We didn't need the chains, but we did shovel a path to the front door. More snow is expected tonight at Wilder's Last Resort. I'll spend the rest of the week sequestered away from humanity and try to finish up the last block for Party in the Garden. Our eldest son and his family will be joining us on Friday. I can't wait to get the littlest one on a sled with Zinny in hot pursuit!

I'm wishing grand vistas for all of you today and everyday.

As always,

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  1. Dear Lynn,

    Thank you for the pictures of California valleys and mountains. It's wonderfully green there. While we lived in Livermore, we visited Yosemite during June just before returning to Canada. I now live in Saskatchewan, western prairies, and we still have a little snow here, but Spring is in the air with mild temperatures the last two weeks.

    Sincerely, Heidi