Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to the Civil War

Hello Everyone,

I did get some quilting completed before the girls arrived last week. I finished the blocks for month five and six for the Civil War Tribute quilt. I have never created so many half-square triangles in my whole life! They are coming out my ears.

I'm so glad that a good green and purple were introduced into the mix of colors. I'm very particular as to the direction of any "directional" fabric. It all has to be facing the same way in my book. I drive myself crazy sometimes making sure that everything is going the correct way. I know in the grand scheme of the quilt, it will never matter, but I will know if it's not right!

Look at all of these half-square triangles! This quilt is excellent for honing your accuracy while piecing.
I've introduced some of my own fabrics into this quilt. I was struggling with the "composition" of some of the blocks. Some were starting to look like they were in a state of "decomposition". I'm still trying to incorporate more of the light blue......not much success yet. But, there are six more months worth of fabric yet to arrive, so I still have more time to get the light blue looking good. I have to incorporate lots and lots of variety in my scrappy quilts while trying to stick with the Civil War look and feel. So far, so good.
Today I was playing around with some setting ideas. Way too premature and I don't have enough fabric to carry this off yet. For some silly reason, Joe doesn't care to have me pack up my Civil War stash and haul it up to the cabin with me each trip.
The sun is just starting to peek out for the first time today....and it's 3pm. More rain and thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow. Perfect quilting weather I say! But will this rain, sleet and snow ever stop?

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