Friday, May 7, 2010

Sallie's Quilt is almost done!

Good Morning Everyone,

I just have to add the 7-1/2" borders, a strip of black and 6-1/2" of red and Sallie's quilt is ready to go on the quilting machine. I stuck with her yesterday.....all day. We had a later dinner than usual since I had the dining room table covered with fabric. We could have eaten on TV trays, but Zinny has a nasty habit toppling them over! She's so big now she can put her nose right on your plate if you're not paying attention.

This quilt is big and will be getting even bigger. I'll put the borders on when we get home and I have my large acrylic table that slides onto my Bernina. It makes life easier when you are trying to wrestle around with so much "bulkyness."
Here's a link to the pattern that has a blue border. I like the blue border also, but the red border fits my decorating style such as it is. Up here at the cabin, I call my decorating style "Early Salvation Army." Just like a quilt made out of scraps, the contents at the cabin are throwaways and previously loved items we've collected through the years. Somehow it all works....not quite sure how.....but it works.

I'll be teaching Sallie's quilt at the shop on Monday July 12th and the 26th in the evening from 6-9pm. It's going to be a long day for me since that is my normal workday. So, if you sign up for the class, you have to bring me chocolate to keep me energized!

Zinny and I are headed outside to rake those pesky pine needles. Mother Nature dumped tons of them on us this winter along with branches and general forest debris.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

As always,


  1. Again Again and Again... Love your quilt! ! ! I hope your not totally wore out from all that yard work but look out the window and you'll get the big reward... I'll bet it's all so beautiful now!
    Happy Mothers Day....
    Loving Stitches,
    C ~ J

  2. Hi Crissie,
    I just looked out the window and you are right.....there is instant gratification after doing yard work. Happy Mother's Day to you too. --Lynn

  3. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! Your color choices really work on this!

  4. Another gorgeous masterpiece, Lynn! I love it! I just may have to get this pattern!