Friday, May 21, 2010

Hail May.....Full of Grace

Hello Everyone....Gail, Melody, Ginny and Lynn here,

Today was another one of those "just way too much fun" days. We set off for Big Trees State Park with picnic basket in hand.

Also in hand were mittens, winter coats, hats, scarves and a bottle of Zin not Zinny since she has been banned from the park for chasing chipmunks (not really, but it sounds good.) Joe, smart man that he is, decided to stay back at his woodshop and be creative while we froze in the 44 degree weather.

Melody and Gail decided to square dance and they were "full of grace." In the 1800's, this enormous tree stump was used as a dance floor....can you imagine that?

Back to the cabin then the Rummikub game came out along with more food. During the game, the hail began to fall and rattle on the roof. What a pleasant sound that was.

Ginny is making dinner, a wonderful pork tenderloin is out on the "barby". Lucky for her the hail stopped. More games and laughter tonight.....and all day tomorrow.

As always,

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