Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr. Snowman Bearing Gifts

Hello Everyone,

Okay folks, I don't know if you want to know this but it's only 183 days until Christmas. Here I am up at the cabin trying to complete as much as I can in complete peace and quiet......and I forgot to bring the background fabric with me.....aarrgghh. It's not that I don't have other things to work on. I just so enjoy sitting in the evening stitching away on my applique....not this week. I can't work on the embroidery either. So just pretend the snowman has an arm holding up the present. Oh yes, a face would be good also.

These tiny little ribbons were giving me fits until I nailed them down with a little dottie. All of the plaids that I have in my stash have really come in handy on this quilt. I've been having just way too much fun designing this one.

Today hasn't been all quilting. The Pine Needle Patrol sent us a notice to remove all pine needles from our gutters and roof. Our deadline is the 25th of June to have the job completed. After spending all morning in the yard and on the roof, we finished with one day to spare!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.

As always,



  1. Gosh Lynn I'm going to have to stop looking at your blog.... I love everything you post! How cute is this snowman turning out! If I could completed the work I've got I might be able to get some new things. I'm so bad and I dream dream dream, and you sure help my dreams. ;) GREAT JOB, DARLING SNOWMAN!
    Quiltingly Yours, Crissie

  2. I love your creativity! The colors are fabulous and the fabrics--so fun! You are going to have a wonderful quilt!

  3. You have done it again, I see that your mini vacation just got your creativity flowing even more. The little snowmman is so cute you just want to pinch his cheeks. Can't wait to see what you make next. Everyone of your quilts are so adorable. Thanks again for sharing your mini vacation with Mark and I. Bev