Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two Years Ago Today......

Hello Everyone,

Exactly two years ago today, June 28th 2008, Kade Wilder was born into our family and our hearts. So quickly you've grown from a little baby to......

a little boy full of wonder and sense of adventure.

Two and a half years ago I started making American Jane's Playtime pattern for little Kade. Our son and daughter-in-law didn't want to know if they were going to have a boy or a girl.....but they wanted me to make an appropriate quilt. At the ultrasound appointment, the technician slipped me an envelope with, "It's a boy!" written on the piece of paper inside.

I kept the secret for the longest six months of my life! I didn't even tell Joe, but it didn't take him long to figure it out.

I never spilled the beans.....not even once. Not even at the baby shower did I utter the Boy word.

The kids had to call first before they came to see us. No more just dropping by because I had quilt parts and pieces all over the house.

I stuffed each and every one of the marbles. I must have been half crazy at the time.

Before I blink, Kade will be old enough to drive this little roadster.

My wish for Kade and for all of us is to keep the sense of adventure and wonder in our hearts.

As always,



  1. Lovely Quilt and one, One little guy will treasure even when he becomes a father his self. Lovely work marbles and all... You are the Queen of Queen's when it comes to applique work, that's for sure!
    Thanks for sharing... I have to post my picture of Mr. Skeleton..for Happy Hauntings Quilt. WOW.. he is done all those little parts for his toes and fingers too! All Blocks are now ready to assemble. AT LAST..
    I keep admiring "The House on Edgewood Lane" Right now I'm knee deep in making baby blankets! One down two to go~
    Happy Quilting Crissie

  2. Wowsa! I love the quilt (and the little guy is pretty darn cute too!)!

  3. I happened upon your blog today---**stunning**...the Kade quilt is a work from the heart, I so hope the parents feel the same way!