Sunday, June 27, 2010

No work and all play......

Hello Everyone,

Today was just one of those days when you wanted to keep a low profile and not do much of anything since the thermometer hit 104 degrees in sunny California. Joe and I decided to pack a picnic lunch and headed over to Les Chenes Estate Vineyard in Livermore.

The owners, Richard and Candice, will give you a warm welcome. (It was an especially warm welcome today!) Joe has a couple of items on consignment at Les Chenes and we wanted to drop some things off. Don't worry, you don't have double was the angle of the sun on the side of the tasting room. We enjoyed a pleasant lunch under the grape arbor. There was a little breeze and we were nice and comfortable while we sipped a glass of Deux Soeurs wine with our lunch.

The vineyards surround you.

There are nice little "touches" wherever you look.

The tasting room is very cool and beautifully decorated.

This beautiful vintage mirror came from Argentina on a ship. Wouldn't you love to know the images reflected from this beauty?

Richard lived in a house designed by Julia Morgan, as in the architect of Hearst Castle Julia Morgan, and she purchased this gargoyle in Paris. Evil spirits dare not enter......there are only good wine spirits here!

I just wanted to stay at the winery today, sip wine and read a good book in this nice comfortable spot. Check it out the next time you come out to Livermore.....after your visit to In Between Stitches of course!

Okay, I'll get back to my quilting now. I need to get all of my class supplies ready for my quilting class tomorrow evening down at the shop. Hope to see some of you there.

As always,

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