Thursday, September 9, 2010

38 Years Ago Today........

Hello Everyone,

September 9, 1972 at 3 in the afternoon, my college sweetheart and I were married. When we started this journey called marriage, we had about $300 to our name and a small studio apartment that we called home in Chico, California.

Our wedding cost my parents around $250.00 which was a lot of money for them to spend. I made my wedding dress from a Vogue pattern. (This is the only Vogue pattern I ever made.) The whole dress, along with each individual bead that I sewed on, cost me less than $30.00.

Joe would not be caught dead wearing that ruffly shirt now! So 1970ish! We left the church in the rumble seat of a Model T roadster and drove to my parents house to open gifts. Then off we drove in our 1967 Mustang fastback to honeymoon at Lake Tahoe and the Monterey Peninsula with our $300.00.....for a whole week.

Each of my bridesmaids made their own dress. I'm sure they never wore them again. I can't believe I made them wear orange! What was I thinking??
There is no one else that I would rather have travelled this journey called marriage. It hasn't always been a super highway. We've had a few curves thrown our way and some bumpy spots. But that is what marriage through the tough times and navigate the curves as a team instead as individuals. We now have three beautiful grown children and six even more beautiful grandchildren. We have been blessed beyond belief.

As always,



  1. Happy Anniversary. Looking back at photos of weddings in the 70"s is always interesting, mine included. I'll spare you the pictures, just think powder blue!!!! Enjoy the future together as well as the past.

  2. Happy Anniversary Lynn. Love the pic's. There's not alot of couples that have stayed together that long. Cheers!

  3. I want to join in too to wish you and your Joe a Happy Anniversary. Orange was so in in those years, I personally burned myself out on Orange and loved it so much.
    Your dress is lovely, I wish I could see the bed work too. What a lucky man Joe is to have such a lovely lady for his bride! Love and Marriage …