Friday, September 24, 2010

Machine Quilting Madrigal

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I decided to scallop the border on Madrigal. Several years ago I purchased the EASY SCALLOP by Darlene Zimmerman. This product lives up to the name of Easy. It was so simple to follow the enclosed directions and mark the scallops on the quilt with a white Sewline marking pencil.

I do not have a deep "V" between my scallops which will make the binding easier to apply.
Marking the corners was a breeze.

After I put the quilt on the machine, I made a running stitch along the drawn scallop line in a light thread. Next I stitched my "spine" for my feathers mirroring the scalloped line and stitched in some free motion feathers.

Here is pass number two and three down the top of the quilt. For now, I'm planning on leaving the open area free of quilting in the setting triangles to see if I like it once the rest of the quilt in finished. It just may create a very interesting effect on the overall design. I always take digital photos while my quilt is on the machine so that I can refer back to the top. Because once I get to the bottom, I've forgotten just exactly what I did on the top! How many loops in the feathers? How many loops in the setting triangles? get the picture! I'll roll up the quilt and start working on the individual squares today. No pantographs for me on this quilt! I'm pantograph challenged and each block deserves individual attention. All that individual attention will take me days and days....but it will be worth it. Theoretically I'm still recuperating and really shouldn't stand at the quilt machine for hours at a I won't. I'm still taking my naps and trying to take it somewhat easy.

I will quilt my way to the bottom border then I'll take the quilt off the machine, turn it and quilt the side borders. It is so much fun to take the quilt off the machine and look at the fruit of your labor. Then I will decide whether or not to fill in the open space in the setting triangles.

Busy weekend ahead with the grand kids soccer games, Altamont Cruiers Car Show on Sunday (our 1956 Ford Crown Victoria will be there along with my 1942 Model Husband....good body style that year!), our grandson's 3rd birthday is also on Sunday and don't forget Quilting in the Garden at Alden Lane Nursery this weekend. It's a visual feast for the eyes. I'll take pictures and post them for those of you that can't be there. The quilts hang up in the hundred-year-old oak trees and it's eye candy without any calories! You just stroll through the nursery "looking up" at the quilts. It's great exercise for my double chin!

On that note, have a great weekend everyone!

As always,

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  1. Owww! Love the scallops and the feathers. This is going to be a very outstanding quilt. Thanks for sharing.I am looking forward to seeing more, enjoy your time with the grand kiddies.